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When You Need A Higher Perspective

We Are The Best Professional Drone Service Provider

What We Do

Aerial Drone Images to create 3D Orthomosaic Maps using Photogrammetry. We also do 2D Topographic maps to help progression management.

Our ground based services offers 360 virtual walk-throughs so you can have an in-depth inspection of the inside of your project.

Who We Are

At Aesir Drone Service we will work together with the client to provide the most complete, efficient and cost effective service available while being Safe and In Compliant.

We are based in Texas but we are willing to travel all across the country.

Our Approach

Once we are assigned to a project from anywhere in the United States, we work as a team with our client to accomplish our services in a collaborative manner. We want to be known as a team member who is there to help.

Solutions infused with experience & passion.

Our mission is to give you a bird's eye view of your project to maximize workflow efficiency with project management solutions while being safer, more efficient and less expensive than TRADITIONAL METHODS.

We Are Based Here In Texas & We Proudly Serve Nationwide — Our Team Can Travel Wherever Your Next Project Is.

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